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Originally Posted by cruised1014 View Post
I understand your frustration when is come to "Where has the service gone"
The cruise lines work there people too hard. With 8 month contracts 7 days a week
for not the greatest pay but it's a job. Then one month off and back for 8 more months 7 days a week. I cruise the Pearl twice in the Carribean and love each one but that was several years ago. The food was better than it is now. But with all the cut backs there is no service or lot's of smile anymore. If you read all the reviews of all the ships and lines. I think Seabourn, Regent is about the only
6 star cruiseline that will give you 6 star service but you will pay a 6 star price. But is nice that all your drinks are included. And about the embakking dock in Vancover. No matter which ship is in port it is always a nightmere. Ed

I only have one correction in what you have just posted: contracts can run 6 to 9 months and usually they are given 2 months off. Other than that, I do agree pretty much with what you are saying. I do question some of what the poster experienced: I have read a couple reviews (on another site) about the cruise from L.A. to Vancouver which is the same crew and was the seek before the OP cruised. They gave a totally different account of the crew. We cruised the Pearl last year: with the exception of one night in the dining room we found the crew went above and beyond for us and our cruise a few months ago on the Spirit was probably (service wise) the best we have had in the past 20 years. Well, HAL gives great service as well.

As for food, we were not overly impressed with the food on the Pearl either, but we thought the food on the Spirit had improved twice over. Yet, with all the cut backs and the price we pay for a weeks vacaation we can't expect top of the line anything. Crowded buffets are part of buffets period if one chooses to go during the busy hours. We have learned you et breakfast as soon as the buffet opens or wait til after 9am, lunch the same, early, or put up with the crowds. This holds true for all mass marketed lines.

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