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Oh Lordy, this what they had to say about Haley at votefortheworst:

Haley Reinhart made us proud by being the only non-boring part of the entire top 3 show. While everyone else sang ballads or looked bored, she put on her sassy stoner face, fell on the stage, made love to a wind machine, and forgot her words. This girl just does whatever she wants and doesn't care what anyone thinks - that's what we love. So we need to reward her with a spot in the finale. Scotty and Lauren have big fanbases, so let's vote overtime for our growling girl.

I also had to "wince" at the change in lyrics with You Oughta Know. If you're going to sing a song with risque lyrics, sing the darned lyrics! I know they have censors to contend with, but if you can't sing a song the way it was written, sing another song!

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