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Default Difference of opinion

[QUOTE=Queen of Oakville;1371878]I don't care who her parents are, and quite honestly, i've never heard of them. I'm no marketting expert, but her "look" doesn't work. It's not all about the voice or the talent [both of which I feel she is lacking in]. It's about selling records (or CD's or downloads of itunes). If the public doesn't "Get" you, they are not going to buy your music. You need more than talent to make it in the music business. I think the only reason she's gone as far as she did, is because Lauren and Scotty are splitting the country vote.

This is also helping her (hey, it's how Taylor won!):

Vote for the Worst

I've been listening to music for more than 60 years .I reviewed new artists for Warner Brothers in the 70's .A friend of mine publishes the highest circulating music magazine in the world . I am a contributor to an online music board .People I associate with all believe that Haley has the potential to be a great singer .
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