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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
You wouldn't have a problem on land, as the land based cell towers would pick it.

On the ship, if the phone is left on, it "acts" just as it would on land, and look for service, even if you're not using the phone. It is "roaming" and you get charged International Roaming Rates (without touching the phone).

I know you were reading my Virtual cruise reports from the Sapphire Princess, so I'm surprised you missed that in my reports.

I ABSOLUTELY AGREE, the ships should publicize this in the "dailys"! And I said so.

On my last cruise on Crystal, once I heard my mother was ill, I had to leave the phone on. My bill for the few days was in the hundreds of dollars, but I had no choice.
Now we understand we probaly did read about it in your posts it probaly just slipped our minds. We were pretty excited first cruise and all just a lesson learned and we will know better next time Not the end of the world. I think I would just like to leve all our phones at home next time I hate phones.
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