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G'Morning Donna, and all my "Mates". Being from the Indianapolis area, I watched, with great interest, the Indianapolis 500 yesterday. (We always had it on May 30th when I was a kid back home, so it seems strange to have it on any other day.) In any case, it was truly one of the best races I've ever seen! WOW,,,what an ending! (When I was a kid, I used to sell popcorn at the race, and at qualifications, in order to get in!)
Nothing on the schedule for today. I've got some yard work to do, so I'll probably get out there in the heat and humidity and move a bit of mulch until I get all hot and sweaty. That gives me a good excuse to take a shower and enjoy T.V. and a cool drink this afternoon.
Hope you all have a GREAT day.

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