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Good morning Donna, Ken and all who follow!

Am finally back home to my humble abode.

Arrived in Celveland last Monday, had a battery of tests and then spent almost five hours "on the table" on Tuesday. They kept me overnight and was back at the Hotel downtown on Wednesday.

Took DeAnna out for her birthday at what is reputed to be the best steakhouse in Cleveland (even better than Mortons). Had taken one slice of my Kobe Beef filet and received a let's just say "troublesome" phone call concerning one of my cats being missing. The individual who made the call was told not to make it but did so anyway even managing to add that it was their opinion that if indeed th cat got out and wasn't just hiding, it was my fault for having some work done when I wasn't here.

DeAnna, who was sitting across from me literally thought I was having a heart attack. All the color drained from my face and she grabbed my wrist and took my pulse. It was all over the place. I told her I'd be fine by morning, not to concern herself and definitely not to call the hospital. Needless to say my over $350 dinner celebration ended immediately.

Turned out our cat sitter the next afternoon found Oliver hiding under a bed in the rear bedroom.

Unbeknownst to me DeAnna did call the hospital after we returned to the hotel and was told that even if I were back in sinus rhythm by the next morning to get my butt back over there. So much for leaving on Thursday.

Turned out I had been right, was back out of Atrial Fib but had "acquired" a dropped beat. Don't know where it dropped to...probably on the floor of the restaurant. They put me on a Holter monitor and we left Friday morning.

Some people don't have any common sense whatsoever but the individual was just worried and I should have realized is something of a "drama queen."

With the exeption of the above incident, the trip was successful and we both had a wonderful time. I just love Cleveland as the people are so friendly. It is also a town known for it's high quality beef houses.

What most folks don't know is that Cleveland was primarily founded by immigrants of a small island in the North Sea and from where DeAnna and her sisters grew up and their mother was born; the Isle of Man. Cleveland remains this day as having the largest Manx decendents population of any other place on Earth excepting, of course, the Island.

At any rate, it'll take about six weeks but hopefully I'll soon be much better and leading a more normal existence. Right now I'm only extraordinarily tired which is to be expected.

Had an absolutely marvelous lunch at a Bob Evans off I-71 with Sue and Homer. He had completely retired just the previous Friday and he has now joined the ranks of the "Everyday is Saturday" club. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy and an absolutely wonderful couple. We plan to get together again in the near future.

It's going to be in the low to mid nineties here all week so I 'reckon summer is finally here to stay.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and that the rest of the week is a pleasant one.

Prayers and Blessings continue.

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