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After 28 cruises with Carnival, its our home away from home. We have had some great prices over the years for a balcony and like the way Carnival operates. There are always little things we don't like but who cares, life is never perfect with cruising. I love reading the complaints people have, most need to get a life, most don't even know the policys of the cruise line, and some just like to complaine. The Pride being moved so close to us has saved us alot of money to cruise. We love the spirit class. We have been on 4 cruise lines and they really are not that much different. So why not go on the one that makes you feel at home. Now we need some NEW close to spirit class ships from carnival and we will be really happy cruisers. Carnival could give something for a perk for milestone only after your 25th cruise, I had to moan about something.
30 Cruises with Carnival,
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