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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
I have to agree Henry, sometimes it feels like they just pick names out of a hat, no rhyme or reason to the seating. Even when we cruised with the kids, we were never at a table with other kids. I felt the other cruisers may have not wanted a table with kids, since they didn't have any with them, just didn't make sense.
Donna, my experience has been different. When traveling with the 3 boys we were always seated with couples with similar aged kids. Our cruises without the boys, we've been seated with other couples without kids. My wife went on a 'girls only' cruise with her sister, and they were seated at a 4-top with a couple of ladies traveling together. RCL, CC and Princess were in this mix. Ours were always booked well in advance with no wait-listing, if that makes any difference...
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