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Norovirus still active on Sea Princess


My Mother, son, and I left for our Alaskan cruise on May 30, 2011 and returned to San Fran on June 9, 2011 on the Sea Princess.
After the ship left dock, we were informed that there was an outbreak of the Norovirus from the last cruise. We were not informed prior to sailing nor given the option to postpone our cruise . We were informed the ship was disinfected between the last passengers leaving and the current passengers boarding. This may have been a total of a couple of hours tops.
As a result, my Mother became ill with the virus. My poor 70 year old Mother, had to be admitted to the on board hospital . The hospital staff, nurses, doctor, were all very attentive and caring. After being released from the hospital, my Mother was confined to her cabin for 48 hrs after her last bout. This was a precaution so she would not spread her infection any further. She missed ports, felt sick and weak. She was also billed for her treatment, almost $2000.00.
We found out many of our fellow passengers also became ill with this virus.
I feel we should have been informed of this infection prior to our cruise and given an option to postpone. The ship should have been taken out of commission for 48-72 hours and completely disinfected before letting new passengers board. The decision to sail and not inform passengers until the ship was at sea, was a very irresponsible one.
So far, my 7 year old son has not come down with this virus and I only had a mild case.
This is my first trip to Alaska and my first experience with Princess Cruise line. Hopefully, I'll make another trip to Alaska in my life time. I am not sure if I'll ever cruise with Princess again.
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