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I have never had a negative experience on HAL. I have never had a waiter refuse any request I made. The Pinnicale Grill, and other specialty dining rooms, serve a limited menu so they can do it exquisitely well. I am not quite sure why anybody would request something "off the menu" at the PG.

Hi, Mike! When we travel on cruises with specialty restaurants, including HAL, we eat at the specialty restaurants every evening. On the HAL ships with only PG, that means PG each evening and since I am a "picky" eater, i.e. no seafood, choose only to eat beef one evening, that means I have limited choices. Therefore, either eat the same thing more than once/cruise, or ask if I may choose off the menu items. We usually "size" up the staff to see what we can/cannot do and ask. If we can't, we don't make a big deal, and then I tend to eat things twice. The worse they can say, after we ask, is "no." That's it. If they do, that's even a bigger plus for me. They are still compensated nightly, either way. However, there is a bigger compensation if the odds are in our favor, and then even the chef makes out nicer for going that extra special mile for us. We've had cruises wherein they do and cruises wherein they don't. As I said, no big deal, and I have yet to lose weight after coming home from a cruise.

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