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That is really too funny. I hate to say that I sense trouble ahead - and I can't wait to see what happens. But you can't even get to the next step unless you pay another $75 fee -so you have to be willing to make that leap of faith.

As much as I want to know what is going to happen next, I can't (in good conscience) urge you to pay the fee and try to book the cruise, but I can say in honesty that I hope you do try it...

Just to recap...

You got a letter saying you are getting a free cruise, but by calling you were told there was a timesgare seminar involved. You went to the seminar and resisted the ridiculous hard sell, and were told you would receive the certificate for the cruise.

But so far you have had to pay two $75 fees per person, so you are out over $300, and you were just told there is an additional $75 fee. With the last fee you were not told if was per person until you tried to make arrangements to pay it (almost as if there are hoping you will just back out) - You were never told of any of these $75 charges in advance, they have only come up whenever a "next step" needs to be taken.

The promised cruise has gone from an "outside" to an "inside" cabin, and now you have been told you have to make the reservation at least 90 days in advance.

That 90 days is always a red flag - because it is the time limit most credit cards give you to cancel a charge. So, what could happen? They could make the reservation for you and then tell you at the last minute there are only balcony cabins available and you have to pay a $1000 upgrade fee or lose your cruise - something like that...

I hope some other people weigh in here here to tell us how this scam might be working.
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