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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
My Mother used to say this all the time....don't cut your nose off, to spite your face.

Anyone can choose to spend their cruise dollars where they wish, just realize that the smoking area on your other choice of ships, could be even more restrictive. So the lesser of all the evils, is where smokers might end up, but, at a higher cost in cruise fare,or become a non cruiser. It is just way way it is. Btw, I am an ex smoker.
Trip, I agree with you and your mother. It is always best when you have a back up plan, and I hope Carnival has one. My dollars and any of your dollars, are very valuable these days. The world is wide open to venture to see. If Carnival wants my dollars, they will have to provide for my needs as well as all of yours. It would be stupid to cruise, or take any vacation where you could not be yourself, as long as it is legal.

I don't need Carnival, although it is the only cruise we have taken, but Carnival needs me, and many of you who smoke, and spend money. 10% sounds low, but it could be. I guess we will have to see, how many people crowd into the few areas, where it is going to be allowed.
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