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Good Morning CruiseMates!
Well here we are, another day in paradise! Seriously though, we got the thunderboomers too. I was awakened at 5 a.m. by loud cracks of thunder and lightening then came the hail. Well I got up, visited the loo, and stepped on the scale, found I only lost .2 pounds since the day before and decided that wasn't worth waking up for, so I went back to bed lol. I woke up again a few hours later and then stepped on the scale again to find I lost .8 pounds. That's good enough lol. I am happy the last few days I have been wearing clothes I haven't fit into since the kids were babies or at least toddlers, yay!

D/S and I went out for an evening bike ride on the nature trail last night. Everything was going great until d/s lost control of his bike and I heard a little voice behind me yell "Help me Mommy, I did a face plant wah ah ah ah!!!!!" I put the brakes on and laid my bike on the ground and ran back to find him face down in the dirt. Fortunately when they designed the nature trail, they put a 3 foot strip of grass on each side and it had rained recently so the ground was a little softer than normal. I was so thankful the kid didn't land on the pavement, otherwise there might have been some major injuries. I think he was trying to do something "creative" like kids do... like maybe ride with no hands, or stand on the seat etc... Stuff I did as a kid, but for some reason, I just was better at it lol. Except of course for the time I was about 8-9 years old horse back riding with my girlfriend and I was standing up on the back of the horse while she was in the front... well it was really cool til I fell off backwards and landed on my head, its a miracle I wasn't paralyzed... There are times I sit and think that we really should have had some form of supervision lol.
Well today I intend to do something productive... I am just not sure what it is lol. Hope you all have a good Monday!

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