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Originally Posted by shifra1of2 View Post
Yes I agree that any private corp has the right to make their own rules. I suppose we will have to wait and see if this was a wise move for Princess. I also think that most non-smoking cruisers are okay with smoking on balconies but a minority group of non-smokers seem to scream the loudest and we all know, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

A statement like this can only be though up my a smoker & probably someone who is very annoyed about the decision. In any event, yes the squeaky wheels did get some grease this time and it was long overdue.

I do feel sorry for the crew that smoke, I am sure this will be hard on them. It will be hard to give up the wonderful perks I get from Princess but I have enjoyed HAL in the past so it will be like seeing an old friend.
Why feel sorry for them? They still have jobs just like before & can still smoke in all the places they're accustomed to, including their own cabins. I'm sure the cabin stewards are thrilled about all the less scrubbing & cleaning they'll have to do on change over day.

Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
Sorry, I don't agree with this at all. First off, Princess is not a Private company, it's a publicly traded entity, well its parent company is, therefore it has to answer to it's shareholders.

For every complaint I hear about a smokey cabin, I hear 5 about smoke on a balcony. I give HAL a year before they go no smoking on balconies, their clients are pissed that they've been left with the smoky ships and are being very vocal about it.
With a lot of the annoyed smokers going over to HAL I really believe this will set off a chain reaction & force them to adopt the no smoking on balconies as well since the complaints will escalate much faster than in the past as more people switch. It wouldn't surprise me if all the cruise lines (except Carnival) clamped down on smoking.
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