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Smile Alaska cruise in august


My name is Szu and I have a specific cruise I wish to be on in August. I can't afford to travel alone, and I can't find any friends to go with. The cruise to Alaska leaves on the 14th. I'm 23, outgoing but quiet and will probably stick mostly to myself, though i'm happy to share time together for meals and the like. I'm told I don't act my age and I do find that I get along better with others either older or younger than myself.

I've always wanted to go on a cruise, but never had the opportunity. Now, I do, but my boyfriend is going with his family as a memorial to his granny. We are more or less married (living together etc..), but as it's not 'official' his grandpa doesn't see me as part of the family. I'd like to be there with him, as he'd like me to be there, but I can't stay with the family.

I won't be spending a lot of time with my boyfriend, but at least I'll see him and get to go on a cruise (a dream). I'm happy on my own and make friends easily, but i'm looking forward to relaxing with a game or catching up on my books.

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