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Originally Posted by Acapulco Kevin View Post
My posts are deleted on Trip Advisor because they are not a forum one goes to for honest information. Honesty is against their "Destination Expert Time Share" advice.

Show me a post on Trip Advisor that discusses the recent beheading of two men in Cancun a couple days ago and the shootout with The Zeta cartel. You can't - the truth is suppressed and does not exist on that forum.

The exclusion of honest facts is a lie. So if you want to lie and be lied to - post there. Oops, you do - often.

So don't avoid the challenge - show me ONE report of someone being beheaded or skinned alive in Puerto Rico. You said it is just as dangerous as Mexico, show me.

I can show you photos and videos from such acts all around Mexico from just the past few days.
Iwould like to check out all of your photos if I could?Please email them to me at if you would please thank you
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