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Originally Posted by You View Post
I can understand people being disppointed about the trial outcome, but, I dont get the mob mentality of the people who feel they know better than the people who sat through the trial as jurors.
I'm with you on this.

Last night, when I stopped into an Applebee's for a late supper, one of the waitresses was very upset that the jury returned a verdict of "Not Guilty" on the three more serious charges. After listening to what she had to say, I had to explain to her that, in our criminal justice system, the question before the jury is NOT "Did the defendant commit the crime?" but rather "<i>Did the prosecution prove beyond a reasonable doubt </i> (or, in the case of a capital offense, beyond all shadow of doubt) that the defendant committed the crime?" The answer to the latter question may be negative even if the answer to the former is positive. Unfortunately, many of the people who are upset over the verdict seem to have missed this disctinction.

Originally Posted by You
I hope the death threats to all involved, including the judge, are just hollow threats
Unfortunately, the authorities have to assume that each threat is for real. The greater danger, however, is that some loose cannon may attempt to kill the judge, a juror, the defendant, or one or another of the attorneys even without first transmitting a death threat.

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