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Originally Posted by Ine View Post
You seem to forget that it is a war mostly between people dealing in drugs. It has little to do with people taking a cruise (or even vacation) to Mexico.
Shootings unfortunately have taken place in many other countries (not just Mexico) where violence sometimes was amidst public.
Whatever way you look at it, it's gang violence of the worst kind.. multiple and on going murder run rampant. To pretend it won't occassionally over flow and involve tourists is wearing blinders.

However it's on the news enough that the majority of people know about it, and the dangers... thus the cruise lines are limiting their visits to Mexico. The information is "out there", and people make their decisions with full knowlege of it.

To hear more about it repeatedly, and to see a continuous tirade on either side of this arguement is to me, useless information.
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