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Are they driving? If they want cruise parking then getting a cruise package costs more, but is worth not paying to park at the port. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Superdome the last two times for $99. I couldnt get it for $99 at first the last December, until the very last month before the cruise, the price for the cruise package for free cruise parking finally came down. Someone who is a TA got I think Ramada for $89 but it might be a TA rate. Holiday Inn Superdome also will shuttle them to the port (they arent allowed to pick up from the port, so they will have to taxi back)

Its $16 a day to park at the port, so its worth getting cruise parking, and paying more for the hotel.

If they dont need cruise parking, hotwire had a cheap 4 start in the french qtr the last time I went some people who flew in choose as it was cheaper. Look at hotwire and anything in the french qtr is very close to the port.

Drury has cruise parking for $35 but aint cheap and you have to pay for the cruise rate, not the online rate, though Drury is lovely and includes happy hour and appetizers and great breakfast, but aint cheap. There are two other Holiday Inns, one of which is the hotel listed on hotwire if they dont need parking, lots of choices.
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