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Sailed on the Horizon last october to Bermuda, but they changed from new york to philadelphia due to 9/11. It was our first cruise ever, and it was fantastic. If you want to know which one you should take? Take the Horizon, because they give each person in the cabin a $50 gift card to spend in Bermuda. The Zenith doesnt do that. I heard that the 2 ships are identical, so why not get the extra $50? I thought the Horizon was great, the ship looked great, the cabins were great, the food was great, and the service was great. I was on the europa deck, which is close to the bottom, and our cabin was a perfect size, not big, and not small. There was 2 of us in the cabin, and I felt that even if there were 3 of us, we still would have had plenty of room. If you have any specific questions about the ship, feel free to e mail me , and I will answer all your questions.
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