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Keep us posted on that, hope you win. I think they purposely don't remind you, so this exact thing happens, and over and over again, just not fair or good business.

I had an issue recently with a major retailer...Had ordered 2 pairs of Levi's jeans and promptly got my order, but with only one pair inside the box. Called the company and they had to investigate, starting with UPS who shipped it. I told them, the box was not opened up and the weight on it, would only be for one pair and that my receipt inside the box had the one pair checked off. Well, after waiting 2 weeks, I had to call again, only to find out that yes, it was their mistake, not UPS and that who ever filled the order, didn't bother to fill out anything noting that only one pair was shipped. Mean while, I don't want to re-order until I get a credit or the pants, they are already paid for....Again, I didn't think this was good customer service, I already told them the weight was maked on the box and that it was too small for it to be 2 pairs of pants.....Needless to say, I ordered another pair from a different store and am still waiting on them.....OY.

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