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I started to ask what NCL ship you sailed but then I saw it was the Epic.

Here is my view and everyone feels differently. That doesn't make anyone right or wrong: sailing, like so much in life is very subjective. I do agree about cabin sizes, yes, Carnival has much larger ones but I am not sure the ships and cabins are kept updated quite as well. Foodwise, I prefer NCL. Of all the ships I have sailed there are only 2 lines I probably would not sail again: RCI and Carnival. Not because they are bad or I had a horrible time and in all fairness, I have sailed short cruises on both lines. I say, I would not sail them again because: like many people we can only afford to cruise once or twice a year and there are so many choices. NCL and HAL are at the top of our list. We have always found both to have wonderful and friendly cabin stewards and a crew with a good attitude (though HAL can be a little stuffy) Following those two lines would be Celebrity and Princess. Again, I do not dislike Carnival, we are just not Carnival people.

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