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Default Flying to your cruise FAQ

Welcome to this new Forum on Flying... Here we will list some important things yuo need to know about flying to your cruise. This FAQ will be added to as we go...

1. The best rule for flying to a cruise is to always plan to arrive in the port city the day before the cruise and stay in a hotel.

2. For leaving the cruise - depending on how close you are to the airport, it is best NOT to book a flight before 12:00 noon - although there are exceptions to this rule.

3. Take notice of airline baggage allowances - not all airlines are the same. Also carry-on baggage sizes allowed can differ between lines and different model planes.

4. Do not assume that if you are over your weight allowance you can pay for it, sometimes you can't.

5. Note that you should arrive at the airport a considerable time before your flight leaves. Especially on Sundays in Miami or Ft lauderdale.

6. Do not turn up or get drunk before your flight or they can deny you the right to board the plane.

7. Never joke about bombs in line or onboard. In fact - the best way to deal with the TSA is to smile and comply - never argue or joke with them, just smile and do what they ask. They have a job to do and lots of people to process. They don't want to give you trouble anymore than you want to ask for it.

If you have more ideas for the FAQ add them beloe and the MOds will update the FAQ as we go.
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