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Just call me lazy today. I slept in until about 8:30 when D/H woke me to tell me he was leaving for golf. I would have stayed asleep except for that. The 2 grandaughters wore me out I guess. Oh well we had a fun weekend with them. They were excited to see the parents when they got home last night.
I've got the laundry pretty much caught up from the weekend. Still have a few things to do here inside before the afternoon rush starts. Only wish my plans could have included a lunch with Todd like we need in the past. It was not to be this time. Hope he gets good news this trip from his Drs.
RD, rest is the best thing for you it sounds like. Take it easy today and heal.
Mike, praying your son is getting better. Don't you overdo with the moving thing.

I've got to get busy, much to do in a short time today. Hope the temps stay down a little. Forecast is for in the 90's! Everyone have a great day.

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