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Default Got the postcard!

I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this thread or not but I got the same postcard today. Mine is the same as what everyone else is describing except it has the phone number 1-855-629-7755.

I'm a firm believer in "there's no such thing as a free lunch," but out of curiousity I called to see what the "certain restrictions" were that applied. And I was curious as to who this mysterious company is that is giving away the free cruise because it's not stated on the postcard (shady!)...but it clearly says "This promotion is not sponsored by or affiliated with Carnival Cruise Line..."

I was told the same as everyone else that I would have to attend a 90-minute session about "our website." I was then asked if I was a certain age, if my income was over $60,000, and if I was a part of any travel plans (? or something like that). When I answered these questions then I was asked to sign up for a date.

I told them I wasn't available but asked what their website was. He told me I asked if there were any details about this offer online that I could read and was told no. I tried, and - none of these are websites. There is a but I'm positive I did not misunderstand the website the guy gave me that badly.

I'd love to hear from depsaqjj on an update though! I would be very weary giving out my routing number and bank account though - hopefully that's legit...good luck!

Glad I found this thread...I love exposing scams (unless this is legit and depasqjj got his cruise!) :-)
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