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Default ...and the answer is!!!!!

I need the help of folks on this site. I received an email back with prices/fees for 2 cruises. Below is the cruise for January 7, 2010.

Sailing Date: 1/7/2012 Itinerary: 9n Bahamas
Ship: Enchantment of the Seas

Client Pays
per per breakdown
Category N inside
$ 129.00 Process
$ 75.00 Port
$ 75.00 Xtra Nite
$ 292.53 NCF & Tax
$ 571.53 Total PPDO

Category I ocean view
$ 129.00 Process
$ 75.00 Port
$ 75.00 Season
$ 100.00 Upgrade
$ 292.53 NCF & Taxes
$ 671.53 Total PPDO

Category D2 Balcony
$ 129.00 Process
$ 75.00 Port
$ 75.00 Season
$ 525.00 Upgrade
$ 292.53 NCF & Taxes
$ 1,096.53 Total PPDO

Since I've only been on one cruise, I don't know how these fees line up with what I could have done if I went to a well known online travel site, where by the way this cruise is going for $609.00 PPDO. This does not include the process, port, and taxes.

My question is: I've already paid $312 for my wife and myself for this FREE Cruise. If I add the minimum from above which IS the FREE cruise for $571.53PPDO, it comes to $1455.06 for the two of us on a 9 night cruise to the Bahamas. Is this a fair price for a FREE cruise or could I have done better with Expedia?

This sounds like a trick question but remember, I was told there would be taxes, port fee's etc.

I thank everyone on this site for following me on this journey. I wanted to see this through so I could share my experience. I invested the $312 to answer the question on top of this thread and possible help others who receive a similar offer in the future. Of course I was hoping for the FREE cruise too however I found more value in sharing the experience with you.

Unfortunately, there are people out there, like the person from Cherry Hill NJ, who will scam you if they can. If I had to do it all over again, I would have gone to a well known agency to book the cruise. The agony of not knowing if I was being scammed or not is just not worth it. As you can see, the FREE cruise is NOT FREE.

I might continue to try to book this cruise depending on what I hear from all of you. The bottom line is, my wife and I are now hooked on cruising and we will go on future cruises one way or another. Maybe we can meet some of you on our next cruise.

Thanks again,
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