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Default Holland America Food Service

Originally Posted by Tlingit Eagle View Post
Hi, OK, I searched and searched and nothing came up, but I have a question.

We aren't exactly experienced cruisers. We went on a HAL cruise in 2009. We are going again in a few weeks

We were rather surprised when I didn't care for a soup in the MDR, that our server was actually hesitant to allow me another selection. He managed, but it was like he went into stealth mode to "score" it.

On the 2009 HAL, we also weren't happy with our choice of app in the Pinnacle Grill. I felt that they might toss me out if I asked for a substitute.

Has anyone else felt restricted in the dining room? One of the great pleasures of cruising is being able to try new foods without fear of ordering an expensive appetizer you hate.

I just don't want to embarrass myself again by asking for a substitution if my previous server was correct that you only get one of each course no matter what.
First let me say that I am a avid HAL cruiser, have been on all there ships but three, but Iam working on that, to be sure.

I have never, every felt "restricted" in the main dining room or any of the other venues offered on board, being either that you paid extra, or was part of the cruise price. Often, like you, I want to try something different, either expensive or not. I have never been told "NO", or I'll try and get it for you from the the assigned waiter or his/her helper. They have even gone out of there way to make it happen. If you are on second seating you might get a little more than first seating guests. The kitchen wants to get rid of the food, yet they want to make sure there is some left for the second seating passengers. Never feel embarrassed, you are the one paying for the cruise, which includes most of the meals in the main dinning room, and lido areas. Just say, "I'am sorry this is not what I expected, may I have such and such as a substitute." Someone is in the kitchen watching what come back. They don't want that to happen, after all it costs them money. I just might be the approach you take.

Hope your current triip turns out splended.
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