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Marc...I thought that you had lived in various parts of the Country (like I have), which brings a somewhat different perspective to where we live now..on most surveys regarding quality of life issues..Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana always seem to rank at the very always amazes me that the International Association of Cardiologist hold their annual convention in New Orleans because they love the unhealthy food

Todd..with close to 50M Americans without adequate or any health insurance it will take a collective will to solve it..private health insurance carriers hang up the phone on you if you say 'pre existing conditions" and with so many people being out of work and taking longer (more then 6 months ) to find a job, even if you find one with group health insurance coverage, the exclusion clause comes into play..of course Americans have to take better care of ourselves at a younger has to be a combination of insurance companies working in partnership with the government..special interest seems to preclude that parents taught me to always live below my means ..if more Americans did that, it could be a start
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