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We JUST reached the Viking Prestige - after 19 hours of flight time from Phoenix, to Dulles (Washington DC) to Frankfurt and then to Budapest. It is now 12 noon on Saturday - we left at 7:00 am on Friday (Phoenix time).

Anytime you travel you experience time shifting - but I sure would like it if the rooms were ready. They are telling us not until 3:00 pm. (3 hours from now).

This is not unusual, even luxury cruise lines hold you back until 3 to 4:00 pm before you can take over your room and relax.

So we are already enjoying the free buffeet and the free Internet access for all guests. What a fantastic idea - free Internet for everyone.

The ship is also beautiful, although I have not seen my stateroom yet. Budapest has come a long way sinvce I last saw her in 1998 - very much more modern and cosmopolitan. The buffet is very much in the Hungarian vein; paprika chicken with poppyseed bread, mushroom and potato soup.

I shall be reporting more on this experience as the week continues, I am tired now and dont want to say anything before I have the facts at hand.

I do see they offer a complete drink package for just $150 per person for the entire week - unlimited beer, wine & spirits. This is a very good deal - Celebrity cruises charges more like $55/day per person.

Having the free Internet is a dream for me, as well, since I always have to work during my cruises.

The weather is beautiful, the boat is beautiful, Budapest is a wonder to behold. I will more write much more whenever I feel like it - after all, it is free!
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