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Default My Avatar : 9/11

The avatar I had the past few days was from the World Trade Center in 2000 .
My avatar today is from the WTC 9/11 memorial wall listing my friend who died on that day as well as others .

I am going to have this avatar there for a while .Its difficult to believe that its nearly 10 years .

My friend who died that day was a highly decorated soldier in Vietnam who saved many lives . He then became one of the most highly decorated police officers in the history of NYC .
After his retirement he took a job as head of security for a company in the WTC .This was going to be his least stressful time or so he believed .
He saved many lives on 9/11 and forever will be my personal hero .My wife and I have been to 9/11 memorials in several cities and have left messages about him as I have on every internet memorial site .
I find myself teary eyed as I post this .
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