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Our only plans are the Sound of Music tour Saturday afternoon.

NOw - UPDATE!!!!

Now that I have had time to sleep I do feel much better. right at 3:00 they made a grand announcement that our rooms were ready. They had spent the day loading in lugagge thru the front door, so the ship was hot. Bu t they did put out cooled washclothes.

I got my keycard annd went straight to the shower & to bed and slept until dinnertime. I would have gone back to bed right after dinner, but Lou Ann (who had slept on the upper deck for three hours) wanted too walk. We walked for an hour and I went back to bed.

I slept all night and now it is 6:30 and I am getting ready for an 8:00 am tour. I feel pretty good, now. No room service, but the coffee is not far away from an espersso machine down the hall.

Dinner was very good - not exactly gourmet but some very good elements. I had a Hungarian antipasto - what you would expect (salami, fennel, some mozzarella). My soup was delicious and dessert was also extra good. Ebtree, fried Spelt. Well, kudos for giving us local food. But it was small portioned and fishy. The "meat" choice" was fired pork loin with cheese on top. There is complimenatry wine with dinner nightly. It was an Australian Siraz - very tasty actually. There was also a white wine (I did not try it, but heard no complaints).

My wife's veggie dinner was very good - a lentil stew (lentils are highly recommend for veggies). Her soup was the same as ours but without the cream. The only odd thing was the "chef's surprise which was presented to us as "fried pork fat." One person at the table ventured and said it tasted like "fried lard."

Anyway. Budapest is beautiful. And today we have our first tour, so the cruise really starts AFTER this. ROUGH START, But my hopes are still high. The ship is very nice, we have a "french balcony allowing us to open the room up to frech air. This will mean more when we are on the river than docked in a big city. More later...

We retrun at noon.
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