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Originally Posted by mediagirly View Post
This is my first post, I'm a single straight female looking for a female cruise mate to somewhere Mexico, maybe the one week Riviera... anyone interested let me know!
Hi, Iím surprised that someone in Cal is thinking exactly as I do.

However, Iím not the cabin mate you are looking for in the post. But Iíd like to share my recent findings. 7-nt Carnival is not a good choice because it only visits two ports and spends too much time at sea (no scenery but ocean). 9-nt Carnival (9/23/11) is better because it adds two more ports for just a little more $. But there isn't much to see in Ensenada. I never cruised with Carnival. A co-worker didnít like it as it was crowded with noisy young people on summer break. I finally found one with the best value. Itís Holland Americaís Zaandam, 11 nights (10/11-23). It visits 6 ports/resorts and one bay and doesnít cost too much. Itís $699+tax for me. HAL ships are really good. I took one to Alaska in 2009 and was impressed. It was a fancy mid-sized ship with less passengers (less crowded everywhere comparing to a full-sized Princess). HAL offers very good foods. They are one of the upper cruise lines.

I normally stay in an inside cabin at lower level (so that no problem to catch elevator) and spend the savings on land tours. The cabin is just a place to take a shower and sleep. The reason Iím thinking of Mexico is it cost less. October must be a good time to go south-it would be still summer for me without the combination of high temp. and humidity. Iím in southern cal. So, air tickets are not required. Iíd like to go back to Alaska again but donít want to send too much as Iím travelling alone this time. I just joined this web site yesterday and wonder how it gonna work. Never shared a cabin before. Any advice?
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