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I'll repost this from your thread on the Holland America forum.

I don't want to sound like a "Donny Downer" but once you are denied and your record is flagged it is EXTREMELY hard to get a visa accepted.

In the late 90's I had a co-worker who was promoted to handle a large customer in Shanghai China. Twenty five years before that he had a felony DUI on his record. It was an injury accident and though he did not serve any jail time this offense is what caused him not to have the visa accepted. The corporate lawyers, political connections of the CEO (letter from our U.S. Senator) and multiple re-applications all ended the same, with a denial.

Someone else got the job and he never went to China.

I do hope that you can reapply and have a different result but I would make alternative plans for the strong possibility that you won't be taking the cruise.

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