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I haven't read the responses to your posting, but I can pretty much guess what people are saying. I do offer sympathy to your family on their loss. Death is always a hard thing especially when it isn't expected and the person is in the prime of their lives. Prayers to all of you.

As for Princess, I know, to you, it seems cold and heartless and I will add, on occasssion cruise lines will allow a furture booking credit or part credit, but not always. There is a reason for insurance, You choose not to take it. Do you think if someone has no insurance and dies unexpectly they automatically get some sort of compensation from any company to help them through trying times or if you carry no health insurance, your doctor will say, we understand, let me adjust the cost of the surgery. There is a reason insurance is offered. If cruise lines would open to allowing things like re-booking at a later date, there would be no reason to buy or sell insurance.

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