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Default 29 Single Male-Seeking Attractive Female Cruise Companion

Im 29 and thinking about taking my first cruise... not sure where to yet but i know i want it to be 7+ days. Thinking about to Hawaii or something. Was surfing around for singles cruises and the pickings are slim so i figured why not post here and just find some one to go with me on the Cruise and we can keep each other company. I will be looking to get a Suite preferably with a balcony view, hey why not its my first cruise and i got the change to spare so might as well go all out right.... right!!

Attached is a photo so get back to me...Send me an email to or add me to your messenger.. you can also find me on facebook if you search by that email

Below picture taken the other day out in my garage/pc server/party room where i can have small parties and keep peeps from messing up my house d=)

Second picture kinda blurry but was take awhile ago like on 4:20 d=)

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