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Default Re: Re: drinks & other extras on millie?


Glad you were so lucky. I was hoping to buy some Jack Daniels etc at the duty free shop at Port Everglades last week to take on the Century with me as I did last year on the Millennium. The lady at the liquor shop told us that we would not be able to take it on board with us. It would be held until the end of the cruise. We didn't bother buying anything until our last stop, Nassau. We bought a few small bottles of rum and whiskey. Our bags went right through the re-boarding screen, but I thought they just weren't enforcing the rules since it was our last day (purchases held would have been delivered that night) I'm going to try harder next time - Jan 2003 - to take some bourbon or something in my bag.

I guess they have the right to enforce existing rules, but I like your thought: "the staff has lots more to do than worry about the happy bottle"

happy cruising everyone!!
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