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Originally Posted by You View Post
Just for the record, my main complaints involve explosive increases in entitlements combined with unbelievable government over regulation and an abominable tax system. I for one don't see a problem with extending the age for collecting Social Security for people somewhere between 45 and fifty and progressively for those younger as people live so much longer. Such changes even as proferred, do not effect in any way anyone 50 or over. As some of you will recall, I recently wrote that when Social Security was enacted, the average life expectancy was 64, a year BEFORE anyone even became eligible for Social Security benefits.
Yes, this is absolutely the real "budget buster." Federal "entitlement" programs, of which Social Security and Medicare are the lion's share, now account for over two thirds of the federal budget.

Originally Posted by You
A number of you are not fans of the Fox News Channel but you may want to stay somewhat tuned into next week as they are devoting the week to showing just how ridiculous an extent, to which government regulations have risen (and that involves both parties). I worked with governmental regulations both "on the job" and especially Federal ones with my retirement job. They are beyond incomprehsible and I'd hit the floor if Doug R. doesn't agree with me because he deals with them every day. I found the process absolutely mind boggling.
Yes, this is another major problem. The cost of filling out and filing government paperwork, most of which is of dubious necessity, typically doubles or triples the cost of most projects. A lot of the cost is direct labor of highly paid professionals -- lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc. -- to ensure that all the T's are crossed and all the I's dotted correctly, lest someone spend a few years in the federal pen and pay thousands, or even millions, of dollars in fines due to some obscure oversight. Additionally, our taxes pay the salaries and overhead of the government bureaucrats to process and file this mound of mostly needless paperwork who produce nothing. The bureaucrats could instead be employed to produce real wealth by the private sector.

In the nuclear Navy, we used to jest that if we were to burn the paperwork necessary to support the reactor plants, we would generate more power than the reactors.

Originally Posted by You
One of the more oxymoronric phrases in government is, "In keeping with the paper reduction act of 19.." as government paperwork is exploding.
Isn't that the law which requires every new federal form to explain why the form and the information on it are necessary, thus ensuring that each form will be longer than the form it replaces?


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