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Actually, Balabusta, it's NOT easy to talk about solutions. Everyone agrees we need more jobs; what they disagree about is what kinds of jobs they should be, and how to create them. More government jobs? More manufacturing jobs? More "green" jobs? More high-tech jobs? Maybe all of the above?

So what do we do to get them? Our president seems to think that government just needs to spend more money and they will magically appear. Even worse, we'll spend the money this year and "pay for it" 5, 10 years from now. Sure, there are always roads and bridges that need work, but does anyone really believe a project of that type could just get turned on tomorrow?

Some members of Congress seem to believe that if we just eliminate all the rules, the jobs will pop out of nowhere.

The solution lies somewhere in the middle, but agreeing on what it is has been and apparently will continue to be distressingly difficult to do.
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