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Take "Bonine" 24 hrs. before you begin travel and repeat 1 time per day when needed...... Non Drowsy and allows you to enjoy a drink or two w/out getting up on the table and dancing !

Infirmary is open only certain hours of each day and info will be posted in daily newsletter. You can also go to pursers desk for motion distress meds normally complimentary (usually dramamine and may cause drowsiness).

FYI... unless rough seas are about, usually the average passenger does not get sea sick due to the massive size of ships and their ability to sail very smoothly and the captain is going to make every effort to keep passengers as comfortable and safe as possible...You may be pleasantly surprised when you realize that you may not even need the meds !

Drink lottsa juices w/fruit acid, eat green apples or take ginger tablets....all will help deter that nausea !

Have a great cruise and welcome to Cruise Mates !
Your Travel "angel" ~~~ Curtis

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