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Our last cruise stopped at Mahogany Bay in Roatan. We were on the Legend. I thought it was awful. The beach was a hefty hike away unless you were willing to pay extra for the ski lift to the beach. Then, you have to rent a cabana in order to have decent access to the beach. And, at least on that day, the water was so full of jellyfish that no one went in. The rest of it was just shops, with items I had seen in other ports or in the main part of Coxen Hole. That is where the ship used to dock in Roatan. But, the prices at Mahogany Bay were at least twice what they were elsewhere.
Over all, my comment to my DH was that if Disney designed prisons, this is what it would look like.
We did not want to take a tour and by the time we had checked out Mahogany Bay, it was too late in the day to rent a car or try to hire a driver. I could understand Carnival building these shopping areas at Grand Turk and Costa Maya, but I was appalled that they did it in Roatan. It is the primary reason we are not sailing on Carnival this year.
Just our opinion.
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