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Hi Al... good to see you!

It is so obvious that there much better names. I actually thought the last Celebrity names were mediocre:

Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Reflection. I said they sound more like wristwatches than cruise ships.

BUT - never have I seen a more mediocre effort to be creative than this supposed naming contest.

Pulleeeze... a "naming contest" where they "pick" the name that is the same as the Project name?

That is like holding a "contest" to name your baby boy and you "pick" the fathers name and add "junior."

"We felt it was the name that best exemplified the spirit of our efforts to make a family that bonded and shared familial experiences."

right ..... - who needs ambien with NCL? My job of following the media could not possibly get any more boring than covering a "story" like this.
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