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Originally Posted by DiamondMember View Post
This is unique to the shorter 3-4 days cruises, I don't know the the rules for longer cruises. Either way, they really shouldn't have these "secret" teirs inside the D+ range. They should simply rack and stack the D+ members sailing by number of nights and then give out the upgrades accordingly. The only cabin they do "exclude" in writing in the program is the Royal Suite, which I can understand.

It's not so much that they have established these teirs inside D+, I just think they need to be transparent to the members on this.
They didn't used to be secret - before they changed the system this year, they were clear that the D+ upgrade was only for sailing of 7+nights. I don't recall whether the upgrades on 3/4 nights at 75 credits was on the website.

And when you look at the website now, they are making C&A upgrades (as opposed to revenue upgrades) scarcer than hens' teeth. It seems that the revenue department does virtually all of the upgrading now, and if posts on the dark side are to be believed, many go to first time cruisers.
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