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Default question about bathrooms

We are considering taking our two year old daughter with us on our next cruise. Here is our problem she is a very light and picky sleeper. She has to have everything completely dark and quiet. I already called carnival and verified that they can give us a pack and play to use. We are worried about space if we put the pack and play in there she wont go to sleep because she will be in the room with us and if she does we will have to as well. My question is do you think that the bathroom on either the Carnival Dream or the Carnival Ecstasy are big enough to put the pack and play in there? She is very clingy so I dont expect her to want to go to Camp Carnival much but we plan on trying it out. When I called Carnival I was talking to them about the Carnival Dream because they have the deluxe ocean view cabin where there are one and a half baths that way we would still have a bathroom but when i looked at videos they bathroom doesnt big enough to put one in. Any suggestions or should we just try to wait a little while longer on taking her on a cruise. Thanks so much!
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