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Exclamation Tenders

Originally Posted by Kiwis Afloat View Post
Just wondering if anyone has been able to meet the Stingray Sailing rep at 9am meeting time, in Grand Cayman, when the ship is due to dock at 8am? Any advice welcomed.
Shore excursion operators are usually very aware of ship docking times and tender times. Talk to the company and see what they say.

The usual process is for the ship to begin issuing tender tickets some time before tender operations begin. With an 8:00 docking it might be, say, 7:30. You need to have your whole party together and waiting in line to get some of the first tender tickets.

Then when tenders begin operating, usually the ship will alternate its own excursions with the independent passengers. It is generally NOT true that ALL the ship's excursions will get to tender before ANY independents. There is usually a fair alternation between them.

So if the operator says that you should be able to make that tour, it becomes YOUR responsibility to get up to the tender ticket line very early and get those first tickets. Lots of other people are going to be trying to do the same thing.

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