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[QUOTE=johnthed0g;1394086]I think cruises are different to going to a sports event, you are on a cruise for maybe a couple of weeks & spending most of your time on the ship, they don't take cash so you have to charge everything, as you have to charge everything it makes sense to ensure the customer has sufficient funds come the end of the cruise. If you choose not to allow the hotel to take an "imprint" they you pay cash presumably, I have NEVER stayed in a hotel that did not require something if you were going to spend money there.

I would be interested to know which cruise lines your 8 cruises were on that did not require any cash up front nor a CC "imprint".[/QUOTE]

I never said any of my cruises did not request a credit card. This topic is about the hold, now that has been made very clear (dont know how there still could be confusion about that)

Last cruise was transatlantic 14 days on Royal Caribbean in May 2011, Before that was 7 day Celebrity Carribbean dec 2010, before that 6 NCL (boy I thought NCL was great before I went on CEL and ROY) Now NCL is a last resort.
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