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Good morning everyone:

I was, once again, up early this morning. At 5:00 a.m. I couldn't stay in bed any longer. I got up and paid the monthly bills. I was so happy to see a large balance in the checking account but now the balance isn't too big. I can't understand why the credit card companies, power companies, cell providers, satellite providers and phone company think you should have to pay for using their service.

The steroids have really messed up my sleep pattern but they are doing their job and I should be ready for the annual "Mike-A-Wish" pheasant hunting trip in two weeks. I'll be there for comic relief and maybe throw some lead/steel in the air while I stand at the edge of the field.

Today's agenda will be to watch Betty break down an old entertainment center in the basement. It's big and heavy and we've been de-cluttering and now a set of simple shelves will work better for storing stuff than that monstrosity. I may get to play with the power screwdriver if she lets me.

Otherwise not much else happening.

Donna: Have fun getting ready for your "do".

Luanne: I had one of those monster tread mills once.................once. It is now at my niece's house but it was a long journey from one family memeber to the other to get there.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and a great rest of the week.

Take care,
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