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Originally Posted by colorcrazie View Post
I believe that both NCL and Carnival are in the process of changing the rules so that there is no smoking in cabins. I would check their websites before you decide whether to go or not. I don't mind the change, even though I am a smoker, I hate the huge volumes of second hand smoke you sometimes encounter. I go up on deck, usually all the way aft if I want a smoke. I don't smoke in my own house, or anyone else's, so I'm not going to stink up our cabin either. See, some of us do know how stinky we are!
Was not trying to be mean, but there are some who just dont get it...we dont mind if a smoker is smoking in a smoking area and we go there, but we hate non-smoking room in hotels that smell like a day old ash tray, or when sitting in a food establishment and a smoker lights up and refuses to put it out, putting thier ashes in a water glass, things like that is what ruins it for all the other smokers...we checked and they said no smokoing in cabins, but from what we read here it seems some just dont follow the rules as is the norm now-a-days with some people no matter what it is
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