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I can't name all the airlines I have been on, since most of our travel has been thanks to the US Gov. I do remember my first flight was out of Atlanta to Jacksonville in 1977. I believe it was on Eastern, but it could have been Delta.

I do have wonderful memories of the airport in Atlanta, growing up. It was our hang out. We would go there to eat, to people watch, and yes, to make out. The airport was at that time very small, and the whole thing could be walked in about five minutes, and had two or three places to eat. There was no such thing as security, so without a ticket, you could walk all the way to the plane, and if someone was at the plane, you could even get on before the passengers, just to look around. It also didn't have three names, like today, but was called the Atlanta airport. I smile today thinking of the name Jackson, because that was the name of one of the mayors.

The making out part was done at the end of the two or three runways. The landing lights were blue, so it made a perfect spot. Of course I only went there because of the lights. To this day when I land on a runway at night, and the lights are blue, I get a feel good feeling inside.

I flew on an airplane that might be one that AR can't even list. I once flew from Frankfort Germany, to Charleston, in a C-130. It was a flight arranged with the Red Cross due to a death in the family. We sat on wooden plywood boards, with a blanket, and a bottle of water. No heat, and no A/C.
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