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If you don't get an answer from a single female in your age range, are you desperate enough to share it with a 64 year old man? Nice guy... no hanky panky... I just want to go on a cruise and the singles rates are crazy! It says each cabin has a queen bed that is really two single beds. We could split them up. Anytime you want to use the shower etc I could run down to the casino so you would have some privacy. I'm really serious here. I would even be your excursion assistant. (I understand this would be absolutely last case scenario) I shower daily. Shave occasionally. Love to play BlackJack. I've got two daughters older than you! So I promise you're safe. Tom

p.s. married for 33 years - 4 years in the Marine Corps. 30 years the same job with the same company. Why am I wasting my time here? Because you may say yes. It takes all kinds to keep the ball rolling.
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