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Originally Posted by CrystalPrincess View Post
I also am hearing-impaired but I do not have a hearing aid because they do not work for me at all. So my biggest concern about the activities both onboard and in port is I can't hear what the speakers say. Is it possible to make sure I am alwasys at the front when I am at a lecture, class, workshop, or guided tour?
There are a lot of us hearing impaired, but it can't be fixed, if that makes you feel better. Always have been deaf in one ear PERIOD, no nerve for transmission of sound. Of course the other ear is gradually losing sound sensitivity too, can't decipher certain voice ranges either.
One ear deafness causes lack of sound perception, in other words, we don't know where a sound comes from!
I tried to get out of jury duty due to this, but no, they propped me in a good seat and turned up the microphone. So, I think you might get special seating.
So, this is an unseen handicap for some of us.

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